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Welcome to Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited.New York Branch!

In order to expand business in a globalized setting, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Ltd. (the "Bank") established the New York Branch (the “Branch”) in 2008, its first presence in the United States. The New York Branch made a smooth entrance into the U.S. mainstream banking market due to its unique operational strategy.

The Branch was granted its license by the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYSDFS) (formerly the New York State Banking Department) on September 16, 2008. Under the supervision of the Federal Reserve Bank and the NYSDFS, the Branch engages in wholesale banking businesses including Corporate Deposit, Corporate Credit Facilities, Project Finance, Trade Finance, Clearing, and Treasury business.

The Branch currently has over 130 talented financial professionals. As the Bank’s business enterprise in the United States, the Branch will faithfully serve its growing client base, providing first-class financial solutions. In doing so, the Branch will also contribute to the economic, technological and cultural communications between China and the United States,holding close to its core value “Integrity Leads to Prosperity”.

(Note: Deposits with the Branch are not FDIC insured.)