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Report Misconduct

The Branch’s reputation and organizational integrity are key requirements for it to operate successfully in financial services. Anyone may report illegal, fraudulent, unfair or unethical conduct, mismanagement, abuse of power, unsafe or dangerous activity, or other wrongful conduct by calling our reporting hotline at 332-214-4722.  Please note that calls may result in charges from your carrier. The reporting hotline will be answered during normal business hours.

Concerns may be raised anonymously via the channels listed above. If you wish to report anonymously, please do not provide your name or other identifying information when submitting your concern. However, please understand that if you choose to remain anonymous and do not provide a means to contact you, we may be unable to obtain additional information which may be needed to investigate or address your concern.

The Branch adheres to all applicable laws prohibiting retaliation against individuals for raising good faith questions or concerns. You will not be retaliated against for reporting information in good faith.